The PHOMI clay is constituted of recycled materials to reduce carbon footprint, thus making it the closest pure form with the nature.

PHOMI characteristics flexible - EigenschappenFlexible

phomi durable - EigenschappenHigh Impact Resistant and Durable



phomi fire resistant - EigenschappenFire Retardant




phomi freeze resistant - EigenschappenFreeze Resistant




phomi water resistant - EigenschappenWater Resistant




Unfired Flexi Clay

Since ancient times, using clay for construction has proven to help regulate building’s temperature and humidity.

The product is made of modified clay material and stone powder that is environmentally safe, recyclable and fireproof.

Why Phomi ?

Our products are thin, lightweight, flexible, extremely durable, and very functional! They can be installed on new walls and floors, and are perfect for renovations of old surface coverings such as tiles and paints.
Our products have a high degree of shock resistance and will not shatter.

Transform your rooms quickly, confidently, and economically!

Ecological material function

Clay has the great ability to absorb and release moisture from the indoor air thus stabilizing humidity inside rooms to prevent mold and providing a healthy living environment.

Clay is completely breathable and have the ability to absorbs toxin and odours from indoor air.